In 2021,

I've been thinking about the feeling of


"The process of coming into being or becoming"

2021 was a year of feeling this emergence. It was an awakening of my soul from a long hibernation of depression. It was a year of self reflection, healing traumas, redemption, and really getting to know myself better.

In understanding myself, I’ve been researching my roots and origin story by uncovering my family’s immigrant journey to the West. Their stories of navigating a strange foreign land, their hopes and dreams for a brighter future, and the fear of losing what’s been left behind.

What manifested from this deep self reflection is a collection of characters made from recycled sport materials. Each piece is handmade, sewn together using quilting and mending techniques. Each character is then digitized into a 3D environment and transformed into a series of triptych covering their journeys and stories.

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