Joshua Sin


With today’s quick evolving changes in fashion, lifestyle, and culture, kimono’s are becoming irrelevant. The artisans, handiwork, and history are slowly becoming lost and forgotten.

The Bridge is a place where both old and new world connect, a place where tradition and modernism merges. It’s a place where aspiring craftsman can enroll in classes learning traditional techniques from masters in creating kimonos. As a learning lab, guests can observe masters and apprentice work through the process of sketching, dyeing, painting, etc.

While appreciating the artistry, guests can participate in traditional japanese ceremonies and traditions. Experiences are re-imagined and respectfully interpreted for today’s culture by combining 3-D printed bowls in tea ceremonies and interactive walls during Geisha performances.

The Bridge is also a place master artisans work with partnerships to produce new ideas and limited edition products. The Bridge is also a place where master artisans patterns are used for today’s lifestyle products such as bags, phone cases, and laptop sleeves.

The Bridge, where old and new connect.