Joshua Sin


With a strong belief that everything can be made better through design, Josh leads by understanding human behaviors and identifying new ways to serve and support them by uncovering their latent needs. It’s this belief that has fueled him as a designer, strategist, and consultant to invent Holiday Inn’s future hotel experience, Nordstrom’s 2020 Store, and award winning Domino’s Pizza Emoji ordering system, which let fans order a pizza via a tweet.

As a Design Lead at IDEO and Nordstrom Innovation Lab, he’s built creative teams and culture with a human centered approach. Focusing on marrying brand experiences across a holistic platform of digital and physical products, environments, and service touch points, he plays an active role in leading projects from project brief to implementation, while co-creating big picture strategy and designing detail executions.

Josh’s continual pursuit of excellence isn’t just confined to my design career. he hold an Associate’s in Concert Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music, is a former Canadian team member of the 2003 Gymnastic World Championships, and is an aspiring shoemaker.

Fun fact: Josh can do eight flips in six seconds.

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